Guide Book

There are lots of guide books available on UGC NET Examination for paper 1, 2 and 3. It will be good for you, if you can at least purchase three different books on your subject for the UGC NET Examination. You can purchase the book from local vendor or book publishing company or use Amazon or Flipkart to locate and purchase the book online. The choice is upto you. However, kindly remember that your local vendor may not have a large collection of book on the subject whereas in Amazon and Flipkart you can have a huge collection of books on the subject and can make a better decision.
            There are a few online guidebooks for UGC NET Examination that you can view and download freely from the web. A list of such books is given below.
a) UGC NET Guide ( The UGC NET Guide ( provides a comprehensive solved papers on CBSE NET / UGC NET examination for paper i, ii and iii. It also cover a few SET/SLET solved papers and syllabus of UGC NET examination together with tips and success stories.
b) CBSE UGC NET Guide Book ( CBSE UGC NET Guide Book ( provide solved papers of CBSE UGC NET examination for paper 1, paper 2 and paper 3.
            A few important commercial guide books for CBSE NET Examination are mentioned below..