2013 June UGC NET Examination in Forensic Science, Paper II: Previous Years Solved Question Paper Along With Answer Keys

1. The ‘fingerprint’ region of IRspectrum can be subdivided into the following except
(A) 1500 – 1350 cm–1
(B) 1350 – 1000 cm–1
(C) Below 1000 cm–1
(D) Below 500 cm–1
Answer: (D)

2. The ‘magic angle’ of NMR is at
(A) 90 degrees
(B) 54.7 degrees
(C) 120 degrees
(D) 60.8 degrees
Answer: (B)

3. Which of the following illumination cannot be used in stereomicroscope?
(A) Incident
(B) Reflected
(C) Vertical
(D) Refracted
Answer: (D)

4. Which of the following is not a part of the mechanical system of a compound microscope?
(A) Coarse adjustment
(B) Objective lens
(C) Body tube
(D) Stage
Answer: (B)

5. Match the following:www.netugc.in
List – I                                                List – II
Instruments                                         Detectors
a. X-ray                                               i. Crossed coil
b. NMR                                               ii. Bolometers
c. Visible spectrophotometry              iii. Siliconlithium drifted detectors
d. IR spectroscopy                              iv. Photovoltaic cell
      a b c d
(A) ii i iv iii
(B) iii i iv ii
(C) iv iii ii i
(D) ii iv i iii
Answer: (B)

6. Teaching of Forensic Science inIndia for the first time was started atthe University situated at
(A) Kolkata
(B) Bangalore
(C) Patiala
(D) Sagar
Answer: (D)

7. A married woman dies with 9 years of marriage due to hanging at her husbands house. The inquest is to be conducted by
(A) District Surgeon
(B) Head Constable
(C) District Magistrate
(D) District Collector
Answer: (B)

8. Inquest is conducted under which of the following sections of Indian law?
(A) 164 CrPC
(B) 174 CrPC
(C) 164 IEA
(D) 174 IPC
Answer: (B)

9. Match the following List – I with List – II & select the correct answer using the code given below:
List – I                                    List – II
a. Inquest                                i. 143 Indian Evidence Act
b. Summons                            ii. 32 Indian Evidence Act
c. Dying declaration                iii. 61 Criminal Procedure Code
d. Leading questions               iv. 174 Criminal Procedure Code
      a b c d
(A) i ii iii iv
(B) iv iii ii i
(C) iii ii iv i
(D) i iii ii iv
Answer: (B)

10. First Forensic Science Lab in India was established at
(A) Kolkata
(B) Mumbai
(C) Agra
(D) Delhi

Answer: (A)

11. Medullary Index of human hair iswww.netugc.in
(A) 0.8
(B) 0.6
(C) 0.4
(D) 0.3 or below
Answer: (D)

12.Acetoarciene stain is used for detection of
(A) X-bodies in hair
(B) Y-bodies in hair
(C) Barr-bodies in hair
(D) All of the above
Answer: (Wrong question)

13. Kinky hairs are characteristics of
(A) Europeans
(B) Caucasians
(C) Mongloids
(D) Negroids
Answer: (D)

14. ‘Ballooning effect’ test is characteristics of
(A) Woollenfibres
(B) Nylon fibres
(C) Cotton fibres
(D) Rayon fibres
Answer: (C)

15. In hair growth, the telogen phase may last upto
(A) one hundred days
(B) six months
(C) two years
(D) six years
Answer: (A)

16. The essentials of a fingerprint with loop pattern are
(A) Asufficient recurve, a delta and minimum one ridge count
(B) A sufficient recurve, a core and a delta
(C) A sufficient recurve, a core, a ridge count
(D) A sufficient recurve, a core and a ridge count across a looping ridge
Answer: (A)

17. Which of the following method is recommended to develop latent fingerprints on human skin?
(A) Ninhydrin Method
(B) Amido Black Method
(C) Silver-Iodine Plate Transfer Method
(D) DFO Method
Answer: (C)

18. Handwriting with finger movements may be characterized by ______.
(A) Restricted lateral freedom
(B) Frequentpen lifts
(C) Size of the writing
(D) All of the above
Answer: (D)

19. The shape of sub pubic angle in a female is
(A) L shaped
(B) U shaped
(C) V shaped
(D) Round shape
Answer: (B)

20. Arrange the following weapons in the reverse chronological order of their development:
i. Match lock
ii. Wheel lock
iii. Percussion lock
iv. Flint lock
(A) i iii iv ii
(B) ii iii i iv
(C) iii ii iv i
(D) iv i ii iii

Answer: (C)

21. Ambidextrous writer is a writer who can write with equal ease and skill with _______.
(A) right hand only
(B) left hand only
(C) Both the hands
(D) Holding pen in mouth
Answer: (C)

22. Match the following:www.netugc.in
List – I                                                List – II
a. Single action striation mark             i. Hammer
b. Punch mark                                     ii. Pliers
c. Repeated action tool marks             iii. Screw drive
d. Cutting mark of wire                      iv. Drill
       a b c d
(A) iii ii i iv
(B) iii i iv ii
(C) iv iii i ii
(D) ii iv i iii
Answer: (B)

23. In paint examination, pyrolysis gas chromatography is useful for characterizing
(A) Metal iron
(B) Binder
(C) Pigment
(D) Vehicle
Answer: (B)

24. Stature of an individual is approximately _______ times of foot length of a person.
(A) 6.5
(B) 8.2
(C) 7.5
(D) 5.9
Answer: (A)

25. The part of a tyre that contacts the road surface and contains a design is called as
(A) Tyre track
(B) Tyretreads
(C) Vehicle stance
(D) Trailer
Answer: (B)

26. Which of the following surfaces can be treated particularly with Vacuum Metal Deposition (VMD) method for the development of latent fingerprints?
(A) Paper and cardboard
(B) Heavily contaminated surfaces
(C) Polythene and Plastics
(D) Leather like surfaces
Answer: (C)

27. The following are the features of a female pelvis except,
(A) Wide greater sciatic notch
(B) Prominent pre-auricular sulcus
(C) Triangular obturator foramen
(D) Triangular shaped pubic bone
Answer: (D)

28. The fractures found on the edge of glass sheet are
(a) Radial fracture
(b) Concentric fracture
(c) Rib marks
(d) Hackle marks
(A) (a) and (c) are correct.
(B) (b) and (c) are correct.
(C) (c) and (d) are correct.
(D) (b) and (d) are correct.
Answer: (C)

29. 303 rifle cartridge is a
(A) Pin fire cartridge
(B) Rim fire cartridge
(C) Centre fire cartridge
(D) Blank cartridge
Answer: (C)

30. Trigger pull of double action revolver ranges as
(A) 3 – 5 pounds
(B) 5 – 7 pounds
(C) 9 – 12 pounds
(D) 16 – 20 pounds

Answer: (D)

31. In improvised gun the constriction of barrel near muzzle end is of
(A) 20"/1000
(B) 10"/1000
(C) 15"/1000
(D) 3"/1000
Answer: (Wrong question)

32. The modified Griess Test is specific for determination of ________ in gunpowder residue.
(A) Nitrate
(B) Antimony
(C) Barium
(D) Nitrite
Answer: (D)

33. Match the following:
List – I                        List – II
a. Nux vomica             i. Vitalis test
b. Opium                     ii. Gold chloride test
c. Datura                     iii. Mandelin’stest
d. Aconite                   iv. Marqui’s test
       a b c d
(A) iv i ii iii
(B) ii iii iv i
(C) i ii iii iv
(D) iii iv i ii
Answer: (D)

34. Wet digestion method is used for extraction of following poison from viscerawww.netugc.in
(A) Arsenic
(B) Alkaloid
(C) Pesticide
(D) Ethanol
Answer: (A)

35. The following are the tests for analysis of morphine except
(A) Marqui’s test
(B) Vitalis test
(C) Frohde’s test
(D) Husemann’s test
Answer: (B)

36. The most suitable solvent system for chromatography of blood sample is
(A) Chloroform: Ethanol (40: 60)
(B) Methanol: Water (70: 30)
(C) Methanol: Acetic acid: Water (90: 3: 7)
(D) Ethanol: Acetic acid: Water (92: 1: 7)
Answer: (C)

37. The following poisons are extracted from alcoholic extract of Viscera:
(a) Croton
(b) Oxalate
(c) Copper
(d) Curare
(A) (a) and (b) are true.
(B) (c) and (b) are true.
(C) (b) and (d) are true.
(D) (a) and (d) are true.
Answer: (D)

38. ABO antigens are present over the surface of
(C) Nucleus
(D) Cytoplasm
Answer: (B)

39. In human seminal fluid, the amount of spermatozoa is
(A) 3 thousand spermatozoa/ml
(B) 50 billion spermatozoa/ounce
(C) 25 trillion spermatozoa/pint
(D) 100 million spermatozoa/ml
Answer: (D)

40. Different forms of the same gene or marker are called
(A) Genetic linkage
(B) Linkage equilibrium
(C) Alleles
(D) Locus

Answer: (C)

41. Visualization of Esterase-D can be done using which of the following reagents?
(A) Glycine – sodium carbonate solution
(B) Glucose-1-phosphate
(C) 4-methyl umbelliferyl acetate
(D) Reduced glutathione
Answer: (C)

42. Which locus is used for determining both male and female gender in DNA fingerprinting?
(A) DYS 19
(B) DYS 393
(C) Amelogenin
(D) Y-plex ladder
Answer: (C)

43. Arrange the following post-mortem changes in an ascending order:
i. Cooling of the body
ii. Greenish discolouration of abdomen
iii. Rigor mortis
iv. Marbling
(A) i iii ii iv
(B) ii iv i iii
(C) iv iii ii i
(D) i ii iii iv
Answer: (A)

44. The shape of cooling curve pattern of a human cadaver is
(A) Ascending
(B) Descending
(C) Parabola
(D) Sigmoid
Answer: (D)

45. Spinal cord is preserved in which of the following cases?
(A) Alcohol
(B) Arsenic
(C) Oleander
(D) Strychnine
Answer: (D)

46. Pseudocyesis refers to false
(A) Rape
(B) Pregnancy
(C) Abortion
(D) Infanticide
Answer: (B)

47. Brush burn or graze is a form of
(A) Abrasion
(B) Chop wound
(C) Contusion
(D) Laceration
Answer: (A)

48. Casper’s dictum is related to
(A) Identification
(B) Cause of death
(C) Flotation of body
(D) Rate of putrefaction
Answer: (D)

49. Getler’s test is associated with
(A) Burns
(B) Drowning
(C) Electrocution
(D) Poisoning
Answer: (B)

50. Pre-auricular Sulcus helps in the determination of
(A) Age
(B) Sex
(C) Stature
(D) Race

Answer: (B)