2012 December UGC NET Examination in Music, Paper II: Previous Years Solved Question Paper Along With Answer Keys

Note: Candidates are required to answer all the 25 questions in Part – I, which are compulsory. They should select any one of the groups from Part – II, Part – III, Part – IV, Part – V and answer all the 25 questions in that part. Each question carries two (2) marks.

Part – I
Common to Hindustani / Karnatak / Rabindra Sangeet / Percussion Instrument.

1. The interval between two ‘Shruties’, as compared to the interval between two ‘Swaras’ is ______
(A) Less
(B) More
(C) Equal
(D) None of the above
Answer: (A)

2. A musical scale contains how many shruties according to the ancient scholars?
(A) 20
(B) 24
(C) 22
(D) 21
Answer: (C)

3. A special method of presenting ‘alap’ in the ancient times is known by which of the following name?
(A) Swasthan
(B) Sargam
(C) Ragmala
(D) Sadra
Answer: (A)

4. ‘Tirobhava’ in a ‘raga’ is meant for which of the following?
(A) Hiding the main ‘swaroop’ of raga during improvisation by using the swaras of other raga.
(B) Using variety of ‘tanas’ in the presentation.
(C) Using the ‘bol’ of ‘mridangam’ in the composition.
(D) Voice modulation.
Answer: (A)

5. Tabla player, who composed music for films as A.R. Qureshee?
(A) UstadAllarakha
(B) Ustad Abdul Kareem
(C) UstadAhmedjanThirkawa
(D) UstadAmeerHussain
Answer: (A)

6. Founder of Banaras Gharana of Tabla
(A) ShardaSahai
(B) KishanMaharaj
(C) Ram Sahai
(D) Janki Prasad
Answer: (C)

7. GhanaragaPancharatnaKritis are composed by
(A) Swati Thirunal
(B) SyamaShastri
(C) Tyagaraja
(D) Muthuswami Dikshitar
Answer: (C)

8. Mechkalyani is a
(A) Utharanga raga
(B) Janya raga
(C) Ghana raga
(D) Vakra raga
Answer: (A)

9. Number of Kharaharapriya in the 72 Melakartha scheme is
(A) 25
(B) 22
(C) 20
(D) 15
Answer: (B)

10. According to modern ‘shudha’ scale, the frequency of ‘Sa’ is 240, what will be the frequency of ‘shudhamadhyam’?
(A) 270
(B) 288
(C) 320
(D) 360
Answer: (C)

www.netugc.in11. ‘Lakshan Geet’ is a musical form, which describes:
(A) Characteristics of a ‘raga’
(B) Quality of sound
(C) Musicology
(D) Variety of ‘Tanas’
Answer: (A)

12. Popular Mridangam player
(A) Ambadas Pant Agale
(B) Umyalpuram Shivraman
(C) Tyagaraja
(D) Chitti Babu
Answer: (B)

13. Sign for Khali in Paluskartaal notation system
(A) X
(B) O
(C) +
(D) Ś
Answer: (C)

14. In which book does Tagore’s concept of music appear?
(A) Shangeeter Dharma
(B) Sangeet Chiata
(C) Sangeet-O-Bhav
(D) Sangeeter Mukti
Answer: (B)

15. Which character did Rabindranath portray in the drama ‘Tapoti’?
(A) Kumar Sen
(B) Vikram
(C) Ratneshwar
(D) Devadutta
Answer: (B)

16. How many ‘Thats’ have been used by Pt. Bhatkhande for the classification of ragas?
(A) 15
(B) 22
(C) 10
(D) 12
Answer: (C)

17. Identify the structure of ‘Major Scale’:
(A) Tone, Tone, Semi Tone, Tone, Tone, Tone, Semi Tone.
(B) Tone, Semi Tone, Tone, Tone, Semi Tone, Tone, Tone.
(C) Semi Tone, Tone, Tone, Tone, Semi Tone, Tone, Tone.
(D) Tone, Tone, Tone, Semi Tone, Tone, Semi Tone, Tone.
Answer: (A)

18. Tagore composed ‘O amar desher mati’ at the age of
(A) 35
(B) 75
(C) 45
(D) 15
Answer: (D)

19. Which was the last dance drama composed by Tagore?
(A) Kalmrigaya
(B) Mayor Khela
(C) Chitrangada
(D) Chandalika
Answer: (B)

20. A musical scale divided into 12 equal intervals for 12 swaras, is known as
(A) Diatonic scale
(B) Pythagorean scale
(C) Minor scale
(D) Equally tempered scale
Answer: (D)

21. ‘Dasvidh Raga Vargikaran’ is mentioned in
(A) NatyaShastra
(B) SangeetMakrand
(C) Brihaddeshi
(D) SangeetRatnakar
Answer: (D)www.netugc.in

22. Tyagaraja Swami lived in
(A) 15th Century
(B) 17th Century
(C) 14th Century
(D) 13th Century
Answer: (B)

23. Name of Mohanam raga in Hindustani Music is
(A) Malkauns
(B) Bhupali
(C) Durga
(D) Sohini
Answer: (B)

24. Match the following:
List – I                                    List – II
a. SudhaPrabandhas                1. Instrumental Joom
b. Mukta Gita                          2. Kriti
c. Equal temperament                         3. Ancient Music
d. Gandhara Grama                4. Western Music
      a b c d
(A) 2 1 4 3
(B) 1 2 3 4
(C) 3 4 2 1
(D) 4 3 1 2
Answer: (A)

25. Who is the author of “Bharat Bhashyam” Granth?
(A) Singh Bhupal
(B) Vidyaranya
(C) NanyaBhoopal
(D) Raja Pratap Singh
Answer: (C)

Hindustani Music (Vocal / Instrumental)

26. Vikrit Swara of Bharat
(A) Teevratar Ni
(B) Kaushik Ni
(C) Antar Gandhar
(D) Teevratar Gandhar
Answer: (C)

27. Which artist is famous for Merukhandi Gayaki?
(A) Ustad Fayyaj Khan
(B) Ustad Abdul Karim Khan
(C) Bade Ghulam Ali Khan
(D) Ustad Aman Ali Khan
Answer: (D)

28. What is the interval of Semi Tone?
(A) 9: 10
(B) 8: 9
(C) 15: 16
(D) 10: 15
Answer: (C)

29. He had a spiritual concept of Aesthetics.
(A) Plato
(B) Aristotle
(C) Hegal
(D) Baumgarton
Answer: (B)

30. How many varieties of Arts have been mentioned by Vatsyayana?
(A) 32
(B) 74
(C) 20
(D) 64
Answer: (D)

www.netugc.in31. Frequency is related to
(A) Magnitude
(B) Pitch
(C) Timbre
(D) Vibrator
Answer: (B)

32. Consonance of perfect sound depends upon
(A) Relation between basic note and its overtones.
(B) Manda and Madhya Saptak
(C) Vibration and Frequency
(D) Length of Vibrator
Answer: (A)

33. Name the thata of Devgiri Bilaval
(A) Kalyan
(B) Khamaj
(C) Bilaval
(D) Kafi
Answer: (C)

34. Which scale of Western Music has major, minor and semi tones?
(A) Natural scale
(B) Tempered scale
(C) Dia-tonic scale
(D) Hexatonic scale
Answer: (C)

35. What is the interval between Shadaj and Pancham?
(A) 3: 4
(B) 2: 3
(C) 2: 4
(D) 8: 9
Answer: (B)

36. The frequency of Teevra Madhyamaccording to Pt. Bhatkhande
(A) 432
(B) 256
(C) –337½
(D) 288
Answer: (C)

37. Which scholar has referred to “Chidabaran Bhang” in context of Rasa theory?
(A) Bharat
(B) Abhinav Gupta
(C) K.C. Pandey
(D) Pt. Raj Jagganath
Answer: (D)

38. Which of the following is required to enhance breathing-control while singing?
(A) Singing loudly
(B) Singing very slowly
(C) Singing on mike
(D) Pranayam
Answer: (D)

39. Harmony is based on
(A) Metre
(B) Chord
(C) Staccto
(D) Rest
Answer: (B)

40. Author of Mansollas is
(A) Damodar Pandit
(B) Someshwar
(C) Pundrik Vitthal
(D) None of these
Answer: (B)

41. Which Raga belongs to Audav Jati?
(A) Jog Kauns
(B) Todi
(C) Jog
(D) Rageswari
Answer: (C)

42. Shri Krishna Narain Ratanjankar died in which month?www.netugc.in
(A) January
(B) February
(C) March
(D) April
Answer: (B)

43. Notes of Raga Todi are
(A) Re Ga Re Sa
(B) Re Ga Re Sa
(C) Re Ga Re Sa
(D) None of these
Answer: (C)

44. Bols of Maseetkhani Gat are
(A) Dir Da Rada Dir Da Dir Da Ra
(B) Dir Da Dir Da Ra Da Da Ra
(C) Da Ra Dir Dir Da Rada Dar Da
(D) None of these
Answer: (B)

45. ‘Sa Ma, Ga |Ma Pa’, Notes belong to which Raga?
(A) Raga Yaman
(B) Raga Kedar
(C) Raga Kamod
(D) Raga Marubihag
Answer: (D)

46. Which instrument does not belong to stringed instruments?
(A) Sitar
(B) Sarod
(C) Sehnai
(D) Sarangi
Answer: (C)

47. Who is the founder of Kawali?
(A) MiyaTansen
(B) Amir Khusroo
(C) Sadarang
(D) Adarang
Answer: (B)

48. Who was called Kinnar in Vedic period?
(A) Singer
(B) Instrumentalist
(C) Composer
(D) A person who was expert in singing and playing an instrument
Answer: (B)

49. Who is the composer of Raghupati Raghav Rajaram?
(A) Narayan Moreshwar Khare
(B) Pt. Vishnu Digamber Paluskar
(C) Pt. Vishnu Narayan Bhatkhande
(D) Pt. Annasaheb Ratanjankar
Answer: (B)

50. Who had the honour of presenting Classical Music in the temples of Mewar & Shrinathji?
(A) Pt. Bhimsen Joshi
(B) Pt. Jasraj
(C) Pt. Omkarnath Thakur
(D) Pt. Rasiklal Andharia
Answer: (B)

Karnatak Music (Vocal, Instrumental, Percussion)

26. Ramamatya wrote Swaramela Kalanidhi in the year
(A) 1570
(B) 1550
(C) 1660
(D) 1450
Answer: (B)

27. Author of Chaturdandi prakasika is
(A) Ahobala
(B) Venkitamakhi
(C) Govindacharya
(D) King Tulajaji
Answer: (B)

28. Total number of Vivadi ragas in the 72 Melakartha scheme is
(A) 39
(B) 40
(C) 42
(D) 43
Answer: (B)

29. ______ is a Purvaprasidha Melaraga.
(A) Malavagavla
(B) Suryakantham
(C) Vakulabharanam
(D) Kanakangi
Answer: (A)

30. Anyaswara (Foreign note) of Asaveriraga is
(A) Sudha Rishabham
(B) Chatusruti Rishabham
(C) Prati Madyamam
(D) Antara Gandharam
Answer: (B)

31. Who wrote kirtanas for the first time with divisions of Pallavi, Anupallavi and Charanam?
(A) Bhadrachalam Ramadas
(B) Tallapakkam Composers
(C) Tyagaraja
(D) Purandara Dasa
Answer: (B)

32. Devarnamas are composed by
(A) Muthuswami Dikshitar
(B) Purandara Das
(C) SyamaShastri
(D) Swati Thirunal
Answer: (B)

33. _______ comes in the group of Ghanaraga Pancharatna.
(A) Arabhi
(B) Mohanam
(C) Abheri
(D) Kharaharapriya
Answer: (A)

34. _______ is a Vivadi raga.
(A) Rasikapriya
(B) Kharaharapriya
(C) Shanmukhpriya
(D) Ramapriya
Answer: (A)

35. Author of the series of books ‘South Indian Music’ is
(A) T.S. Parthasarathy
(B) Dr. N. Ramanathan
(C) Prof. P. Sambamurthy
(D) Dr.Venkita Subramanya Iyer
Answer: (C)

36. Ujvala is associated with
(A) Santha rasa
(B) Bhakti rasa
(C) Hasya rasa
(D) Sringara rasa
Answer: (B)

37. _______ is an Ekasthayi Vadya.
(A) Veena
(B) MukhaVeena
(C) Violin
(D) Flute
Answer: (B)

38. Female parts were performed by men dressed up ladies in
(A) Nathuvamelam
(B) Bhagavatamelanatakam
(C) Neyyandimelam
(D) Katha kalashepam
Answer: (B)

39. Samashticharanam in Kriti is introduced by
(A) Tyagaraja
(B) Muthuswami Dikshitar
(C) Syama Shastri
(D) Pattanam Subramanya Iyer
Answer: (B)

40. Tevaram is the collective name given to the sacred hyms of :
(A) Arunagirinathar & Manikavachakar
(B) Andal & Sundarambal
(C) Tirugnanasambandar & Ilangovatikal
(D) Tirugnanasambandar, Appar and Sundaramurthy Nayanar
Answer: (D)

41. ‘Prahladabhakti Vijayam’ is written by
(A) Gopalakrishna Bharati
(B) Ramaswami Sivam
(C) Muthuswami Dikshitar
(D) Tyagaraja
Answer: (D)

42. Devagandhari raga is derived from
(A) 29th Melaraga
(B) 28th Melaraga
(C) 22nd Melaraga
(D) 20th Melaraga
Answer: (A)

43. Kshetrayya is famous for
(A) Telugu Padams
(B) Tillanas
(C) Varnams
(D) Javalis
Answer: (A)

44. Who suggested the name ‘Kalpitamelakarta’ for the 19 melas?
(A) Saranga Deva
(B) Somanatha
(C) Ramamatya
(D) VenkataMakhi
Answer: (D)

45. Which will be the resultant mela when the Kakali Nishada is changed into Kaisikinishada of Mayamalavagavla?
(A) Suryakantham
(B) Chalanatta
(C) Vakulabharanam
(D) Gayakapriya
Answer: (C)

46. Bangala raga is derived from
(A) 29th Mela
(B) 28th Mela
(C) 22nd Mela
(D) 20th Mela
Answer: (A)

47. Shadsrutirishabham is same as
(A) Sudha Gandharam
(B) Sadharana Gandharam
(C) Sudha Rishabham
(D) Chatusruti Rishabham
Answer: (B)

48. SaraswatiManohari is a
(A) AudavaVakraSampoorna Raga
(B) SampoornaVakra Raga
(C) Audava – Audava Raga
(D) Audava – Shadava Raga
Answer: (A)

49. Navroj is a _______ raga.
(A) Panchamandya
(B) Nishadantya
(C) Dhaivatantya
(D) Madhyamandya
Answer: (A)

50. Another name of Udayaravi Chandrikaraga
(A) Abheri
(B) SudhaDhanyasi
(C) Arabhi
(D) Hindolam
Answer: (B)

Rabindra Sangeet

26. Which is the inaugural function song composed by Rabindranath Tagore?
(A) Hey Chironutan
(B) Sabare Kori Aahoban
(C) Aso Amar Ghare Aso
(D) MorBhavonare
Answer: (B)

27. The occasional song for Bengali New Year composed by Rabindranath Tagore.
(A) Aoye Tabe Sahochari
(B) Aji Basonto Jagroto Dware
(C) AsoAso Hey Baishakh
(D) Aso Syamolo Sundoro
Answer: (C)

28. “Aaha Mori Mori, Mahendra Nindito Kanti” song is in the Dance Drama
(A) Chitrangada
(B) Chandalika
(C) Shyama
(D) Natir Puja
Answer: (C)

29. Which song is written by Rabindranath Tagore on the death of his brother Dijendranath Tagore?
(A) O Bhai Kanai
(B) Haye, Haye, Haye Din chole
(C) Moron Sagar Pare Tomra Amar
(D) Cholo Jai Cholo
Answer: (C)

30. Which song is written by Rabindranath Tagore after death of Raja Ram Mohan Roy?
(A) SarvoKharvo Tare Dahe
(B) KeJaye Amritodhamyatri
(C) Parovasi Chole Aso Ghare
(D) Aeo Duwartuku
Answer: (B)

31. Which song is not included in the “Grishmaparyaye” of Tagore composition?
(A) Darun Agni Bane Re
(B) Aso Aso hey TrishnarJal
(C) Madhyadine Jabegan
(D) Bajromanikdiyagatha, Aashartomar Mala
Answer: (D)

32. Which song is composed in Rupkara Taal?
(A) AeiLabinu Sango Tabo
(B) Sharoto Aalor Kamal Vane
(C) Jogenath Jyotsnarate
(D) Basante Ki Sudhu
Answer: (B)www.netugc.in

33. Which song is not composed in drupad style?
(A) Maha Viswe Makashe Maha Kalo Majhe
(B) MandireMamoKe
(C) ProthomoAdiTabo
(D) JogoteTumi Raga
Answer: (B)

34. “Saghano Gahano Ratri” song is composed in which raga?
(A) Bageshree
(B) Bhimpalashree
(C) Chayanat
(D) Malkunsh
Answer: (A)

35. Which song is not composed in Rabindra Srista Taal?
(A) Janoni Tomar Karuno Charonokhani
(B) Kapiche Deholatatharotharo
(C) Byakulo Bakulerphule
(D) AsoShyamolo Sundaro
Answer: (D)

36. How many matras are in Navpanch- Tala created by Rabindranath Tagore?
(A) 8
(B) 10
(C) 15
(D) 18
Answer: (D)

37. “Duware Dao More Rakhiya” song is composed in which Tala?
(A) Jhampak
(B) Shasthi
(C) Akadashi
(D) Navtal
Answer: (C)

38. Which song is based on Tappa style?
(A) A parobase Rabeke
(B) Tomar Amar Aei Biroher Antorale
(C) Tumikemankoregankaro hey guni
(D) Anander e sager hote
Answer: (A)

39. Which song is based on Khyal style?
(A) Mandire Moma Ke
(B) Anando Dhara Buheche Bhuwane
(C) Tumi Kemon Koregaan Koro
(D) Arup Tomar Vani
Answer: (A)

40. Which western instrument is not used in performance of Rabindra Sangeet?
(A) Harmonium
(B) Esraj
(C) Piano
(D) Clarionet
Answer: (D)

41. Rabindra Sangeet is mostly composed in which notation system?
(A) Aakar Matrik Swarlipi
(B) Dand Matrik Swarlipi
(C) Sankha Matrik Swarlipi
(D) Sargam Swarlipi
Answer: (A)

42. Rabindranath has given the new name for A.I.R. is?
(A) Aakash Barta
(B) Aakashvani
(C) Aakash Bhasa
(D) Aakash Katha
Answer: (B)

43. Rabindranath was honoured by Gandhiji as given a title
(A) Gurudev
(B) Mahakavi
(C) Rastrakavi
(D) Guruji
Answer: (A)

44. Which song is not a baul folk based Rabindra Sangeet Composition?
(A) Amar PranerManushachche Prane
(B) O amar Man Jakhan Jaglina re
(C) Jodi tor daksunekaunaaase
(D) Anandolokemangalaloke
Answer: (D)

45. Which song is composed by Rabindranath Tagore in the occasion of first tube well ground at Shantiniketan?
(A) Aso Aso hey Trishnarjal
(B) Badol Dhara Holo Sara
(C) Aji Barsaratersese
(D) Jaldao Jaldao
Answer: (A)

46. Which Rabindra sangeet is composed on English Song “Go where glory waits thee?
(A) Purano Sei diner Katha
(B) Ohe Dayamay
(C) Oder Sathemilao
(D) Amar Man Mane na
Answer: (B)

47. Which song is described the philosophy of death in Bhanu Singh Padavali?
(A) Sawan Gagane
(B) Sunala Sunala Balika
(C) Maran re tuhumaho
(D) Aaj Sakhimuhu Muhu
Answer: (C)

48. In autobiography of Rabindranath “Jiban Srimti” to whom Rabindranath narrate as “Amar Ganer Kandari”?
(A) Jyotirendranath Thakur
(B) Somendranath Thakur
(C) Denendranath Thakur
(D) Satyendranath Thakur
Answer: (C)

49. In Jorasak family which musician was not included as court musician of thakur family?
(A) Srikanth Singh
(B) Jadu Bhatta
(C) Vishnu Chakravarty
(D) MoulaBax
Answer: (D)

50. Which song is not composed by Rabindranath Tagore for the nam Satyagrah of Mahatma Gandhiji?
(A) Tumi je surer Aagun
(B) JagoMangalaaloke
(C) Jodi tor daksunekaunaaase
(D) Tumikekebolichobi
Answer: (C)

Percussion Instruments

26. Tabla instrument is derived from
(A) Dholak
(B) Khanjari
(C) Pushkar
(D) Nakkara
Answer: (C)

27. Total Matras of Lakshmi taal
(A) 20
(B) 18
(C) 16
(D) 14
Answer: (B)

28. Value of Laghu
(A) One Matra
(B) Five Matras
(C) Four Matras
(D) Two Matras
Answer: (A)

29. Arrange the following Pakhawaj players in chronological order:
(i) Kudau Singh
(ii) Raja Chhatrapati Singh
(iii) Bhawanideen
(iv) Purshottam Das
(A) (i), (ii), (iii), (iv)
(B) (ii), (i), (iii), (iv)
(C) (iv), (iii), (ii), (i)
(D) (iii), (i), (iv), (ii)
Answer: (D)

30. Layakari of 1¾ is called
(A) Paungun
(B) Sawagun
(C) Dedhgun
(D) Paunedogun
Answer: (D)

31. Which of the following is not a Vistarsheel Bandish?
(A) Theka
(B) Quaida
(C) Peshkar
(D) Tihai
Answer: (D)

32. The number of Vibhagas in Pancham Sawaritaal
(A) Five
(B) Four
(C) Seven
(D) Fifteen
Answer: (B)

33. Khalifa of Delhi gharana of Tabla
(A) U. Ameer Hussain
(B) U. Habibuddin Khan
(C) U. Lateef Ahmed
(D) U. Inam Ali
Answer: (D)

34. Total number of Margtaalas mentioned by Bharat?
(A) 5
(B) 7
(C) 120
(D) 12
Answer: (A)

35. Match the following:
List – I                                    List – II
a. HaziVilayat Ali Khan         1. Farrukhabadgharana
b. QuaderBakhsha                  2. Banaras gharana
c. Natthoo Khan                     3. Punjab gharana
d. Kumar Bose                        4. Delhi gharana
      a b c d
(A) 1 2 3 4
(B) 1 3 4 2
(C) 3 2 1 4
(D) 1 4 3 2
Answer: (B)

36. Nana Panse is related with
(A) Dholak
(B) Tabla
(C) Pakhawaj
(D) Mridangam
Answer: (C)

37. Total Matras of Rudrataal
(A) 9
(B) 11
(C) 13
(D) 14
Answer: (B)

38. The title of text written by Sharangdeo
(A) Sangeet Sagar
(B) Sangeet Ratnakar
(C) Sangeet Kalpdrum
(D) Sangeet RatnaSagar
Answer: (B)

39. Founder of Ajaradagharana
(A) Kallu Khan-Meeru Khan
(B) Modu Khan-Makhhu Khan
(C) Bakshu Khan-Salari Khan
(D) U. Habibuddin Khan
Answer: (A)

40. The author of ‘Bhartiya Sangeet Vadya’
(A) Lalmani Mishra
(B) Girishchandra Shrivastava
(C) Sudhir Mainkar
(D) Vijayshankar Mishra
Answer: (A)

41. Kinds of Laya
(A) three
(B) four
(C) six
(D) five
Answer: (B)

42. Harmonium is a
(A) TantriVadya
(B) SushirVadya
(C) AvanaddhaVadya
(D) GhanVadya
Answer: (B)

43. Another name for Karnatak ‘Aditaalam’ is
(A) Chatasrajati Triput
(B) Tisrajati Jhamp
(C) Sankeernjati Ektaal
(D) Khand Chapu
Answer: (A)

44. Shamya is a ______.
(A) Nishabdkriya
(B) Sashabdakriya
(C) Parivartikriya
(D) Nibaddhakriya
Answer: (B)

45. Real name of Pt. Gudai Maharaj
(A) Kamta Prasad
(B) Samta Prasad
(C) Sharda Prasad
(D) Gudai Mishra
Answer: (B)

46. Match the following:
List – I                        List – II
a. ShahidParvez          1. Flute
b. V.G. Jog                  2. Sitar
c. BhajanSopori           3. Violin
d. Raghunath Seth      4. Santoor
     a b c d
(A) 2 3 4 1
(B) 3 4 1 2
(C) 4 2 3 1
(D) 1 4 2 3
Answer: (A)

47. First tabla player who received ‘Padma Bhooshan’
(A) Pt. Kishan Maharaj
(B) U. Wazid Hussain
(C) U. Ahmed Jan Thirkawa
(D) Pt. Nikhil Ghosh
Answer: (C)

48. The number of Deshitaalas described in Sangeet Ratnakar
(A) 5
(B) 108
(C) 112
(D) 120
Answer: (D)

49. Gharana of Ustad Muneer Khan
(A) Delhi
(B) Farrukhabad
(C) Lucknow
(D) Punjab
Answer: (B)

50. Main taalas of Karnatak music are
(A) 108
(B) 96
(C) 10
(D) 7
Answer: (D)